Custom Carbon Sportboat “Bella”
32.6' / 9.94m

Lightweight custom carbon pre-preg sportboat for PHRF racing around Narragansett Bay and other circles. An integration of a Mumm 30 rig with expanded sailplan, hiking racks, and “skiff” platform – a rocket of a boat.

Yacht Specifications

Length Overall32.6' / 9.94m
Length Waterline32.6' / 9.94m
Beam14' / 4.27m
Draft8' / 2.44m
Displacement2590# / 1175kg


A full-on integration of a large sailplan , hiking racks, and “skiff” platform – a rocket of a boat...


This custom carbon sportboat is currently under construction in Rhode Island.  She is largely being homebuilt.  Her builders formerly owned a Kiwi 35, which was unfortunately struck by another boat in a storm and lost during Key West. Race Week.  Rodger Martin Design had been involved for about 5 years helping optimize the dated Kiwi into a performance-oriented successful raceboat, work including replacing the old spar with a carbon  Mumm 30 rig,  replacing symmetric spinnaker with asymmetric, and aluminum hiking racks (weight savings of approx. 400#).  She was lost just as her speed was peaking – but fortunately the rig, hardware, some sails, and lead ballast were salvaged.

The new mission:  Design a better and faster boat, using the salvaged Mumm 30 rig.



The boat has been optimized to perform with a full crew of 8-9 sitting out on the carbon hiking racks.  A 14′ beam (with racks) provides plenty of stability – necessary to keep the boat on its feet under the large sailplan!  With the racks removed she has an 8.5′ beam, for easy trailerability.  A lifting keel will allow for shallow water launching and easier transport as well.  

The skiff hull shape reflects a fine entry with generous planing area aft.  A hard chine helps enable sweet planing shapes, and provides tracking and secondary stability.  We have studied, as we typically do, heeled hull shapes and designed the chine accordingly.   Upwind she should settle into a nice groove and easily punch through waves; off the wind in breeze, with the crew piled up aft on the racks, we don’t expect to see much of the boat in the water!



The sportboat is built of carbon pre-preg laminates over Divinycell HP foam core; a one-off built on a male mold.  Deck and cockpit are built up from flat panels, taped together.  The lifting keel is carbon.  Chainplates are composite, the racks are carbon tube, and down below there’s not much except for carbon framing, and some space for sail stowage.


Click here for an article on “Bella” from DIAB Group, manufacturers of Divinycell core