Colgate 26 “KORU” Turbo “X” Upgrade

Colgate 26 “KORU” upgraded with a four – stage program to match client Jerry Manock’s sailing schedule;
(1) New deeper-draft keel and ballast bulb, optimized to reduce drag and increase righting moment for more sailpower. Designed to match stock bolt layout, fabricated by Mars Metal.
(2) New retractable carbon bowsprit by Hall Spars, deck-mounted.
(3) New carbon spar by Hall Spars; lighter and smaller section than stock aluminum spar. Chainplates redesigned and moved outboard to increase shroud base, considerably decreasing rig loads
(4) New squarehead mainsail profile, sails built by Doyle Sails. Sailplan optimized by VPP, definite performance gains upwind and downwind.