SPEEDBOAT – Hybrid Gas Turbine
6.45m / 21.16'

Runabout – style speedboat in carbon / foamcore construction. Outfitted with Allison gas turbine / Americanjet propulsion. Hybrid propulsion via In-line electric motor for low speed cruising and manouvering. Build now completed, she will be a tender to a 60m Perini Navi sloop. Turbine Installation by Turbine Marine Inc. Offered by Constellation Custom Tenders: www.cctenders.com

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Yacht Specifications

Length Overall6.45m / 21.16'
Length Waterline6.34m / 20.80'
Beam2.3m / 7.55'
Draft0.29m / 0.94'
Displacement907 kg / 2000# (lightship)
BuilderAl Fresco Composites / Custom Yacht Outfitters


In styling the 21’ / 6.45m Speedboat, design engineer Ross Weene captured cues of classic speedboat and streamlined automotive design from the 30’s-50’s but focused on making her stand alone as an element of modern design. In short, the goal was to turn heads, to make people say “Wow”.

The design began as a sketch Ross did in 2006 of a “Retro Runabout” that was a style continuation of an “organically sculpted” powerboat he experimented with at the Landing School in 2001. Associates Niall Rafferty and Antony Rushton of Custom Yacht Outfitters remarked at the sketch on our wall, and thought we should develop her more as a proposal for a tender for sloop Perseus3, a new build at Perini Navi. P3’s owner accepted our proposal, and asked that a second tender be built with the same hull, but with open deck and cockpit as a “Utility / Crew Tender.” Stewart Wiley and Ted Brown of Al Fresco Composites were chosen for the build, and “Constellation Custom Tenders” was born.

CNC milled molds let a designer translate very complex shapes from drawing board to production, with perfect accuracy – Mouldcam of Bristol, RI milled the molds 1.2m over-length, to allow a longer 7.7m “barrelback transom” version of the boat to be marketed. Carbon / foamcore construction was chosen for a high strength to weight ratio. The powerplant, an Allison gas turbine, powers an Americanjet drive. The turbine is supplemented by an electric drive for maneuvering and low speed cruising. A bridle system with single-point pick is used to hoist her in and out of service.

Constellation Custom Tenders offers both the Speedboat and the Utility for new build, in length range 6.45m – 7.7m. Powerplant options include conventional diesel, diesel turbine / electric hybrid, and dedicated electric drive.